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For the smooth operation of banking equipment Customer Service «DIPIX» recommends:


By purchasing our equipment, whether or banknote counter currency detector, vacuum machines or sorters, you can be assured of its quality. Absolutely all the equipment undergoes a complete presale: the control when receiving from a warehouse and health check at the buyer. If necessary, adapt the factory settings for the currency (refers to counters and sorters of money, as well as automatic detectors currencies).


All equipment has a warranty period of one to three years. This means that during this period with the correct operation (under the terms of the warranty card) any problems relating to equipment failure will be resolved free of charge to our customer service center. Excellent knowledge of equipment, work with, its possibilities, we often extends warranty with respect by the manufacturer. If an issue of new notes, we update (if necessary, and as they become available) software counters and currency detectors.

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