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Specialization DIPIX:
  • Design and manufacture our own products under the trade mark DIPIX to B2B segment
  • Distribution of its own products and products of friendly organizations in the territories of the Russian Federation
  • Development of exclusive products as meeting the needs of end users and offer prospects for dealers in the development of new markets
  • Complex / design solutions for the maximum satisfaction of end users
Destinations DIPIX:
Banking Equipment
(Equipment for handling cash)
  • Banknote Counters / Sorters Banknote
  • Detectors banknote
  • Coin Counters / Sorters Coin
  • Vacuum packers

DIPIX® has an undeniable competitive advantage - the ability to maximize the potential of our employees, and allows you to constantly evolve, developing new areas of activity.
DIPIX® is a great opportunity for successful business development.

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